MOF Defect Nanoregions

defect nanoregions in UiO-66(Hf)

The properties of many conventional materials are intimately connected to the presence of correlated defects, including both the solid electrolytes in batteries and high temperature oxide superconductors. Although defects have been recently found to exist in MOFs, the prevailing understanding is that these defects are randomly distributed. In this paper we show for the first time that defects can be correlated in MOFs and that we can control this defects synthetically. This suggests that we might be able to create MOFs that show the same diversity of useful properties as in conventional materials.

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Correlated defect nanoregions in a metal–organic framework

M J Cliffe, W Wan, X Zou, P A Chater, A K Kleppe, M G Tucker, H Wilhelm, N P Funnell, F-X Coudert and A L Goodwin

Nature Communications, 5, 4176 (2014).

This article is open access
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